Interview with Alexey Molchanov: How Lung Capacity Affects My Freediving
The average vital capacity (VC) of the lungs in an average, adult male ranges between 3 - 5 liters (L).
Someone should tell that to freediver Alexey Molchanov, who has set over 20 world records in freediving and is a 20x+ World Champion. He estimates that in peak shape before competitions, his VC goes up to an incredible 8L, and his total lung capacity with packing is roughly a mind-blowing 11L. We (virtually) sat down with Alexey to quiz him on this incredible progress and find out the secrets behind his success.
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The record-breaking athletes at the CMAS 6th Freediving Outdoor World Championship 2022 aren’t reaching these massive depths with hit-or-miss training - and you won’t either.
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