The Molchanovs Mission

Our mission is to share our love of freediving with the world. We do this by cultivating the level of knowledge and skill of all freedivers, by building global and local communities that fuel passion for freediving, and by developing gear that provides the best freediving experience possible.

Our Story

Natalia Molchanova founded the freediving education system for the Russian Freediving Federation, which takes students from beginner level all the way to elite freediver level. Her son, Alexey Molchanov, began developing freediving gear in 2010, officially creating the Molchanovs brand. In 2015, Alexey began gathering materials for a new freediving education system based on the system his mother, Natalia, created for the Russian Freediving Federation.

Alexey, together with Chris Kim and Adam Stern, officially launched the Molchanovs Movement in early 2018. The Molchanovs Movement comprises of a global community of passionate freedivers who have access to the latest freediving education with the Molchanovs Education System, Base Training workouts, badges and challenges, and exclusive early access and discounts on Molchanovs freediving equipment. The Molchanovs Movement is the first and only freediving system to create a professional and recreational freediving community built around certification courses, quality training, and providing high-quality gear that freedivers need.

Currently, we have headquarters in Singapore and warehouses in China and the USA. We also have a Molchanovs clubhouse in Suzhou, China, which provides workshops, community events, and is also a storefront for equipment sales. We also have 40+ dealers in 19 countries worldwide. As our company continues to grow, so does our commitment to better serve our customers, which is why we anticipate expanding our warehouse and clubhouse locations in the future.

As a freediver, your growth in your freediving journey is important to us. Whether you want to develop your freediving education, require direction for your own personal training, or desire top-of-the-line freediving equipment, trust in the company that puts progress and safety first, developed by freedivers for freedivers.

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Our Inspiration

Natalia Molchanova, one of the greatest and most decorated freedivers in history, was a passionate educator and a role model to many in the freediving community. Molchanovs is firmly rooted in her philosophies and approach to freediving, and is continuously updated with the latest developments in education, technology, and scientific research.

We are inspired and honored to have had Natalia as our inspiration. Without her, the Molchanovs Movement would not exist today.

Our Equipment Lines

Top freediving athletes and competitors trust our equipment to give them the record-breaking results they strive for in comfort and style, and always with safety in mind. This is why we created three equipment lines for three distinct types of freedivers. Our aim is to make shopping for freediving gear a pleasure, no matter how deep or how far you want to dive, whether you need a world-class monofin or a simple, low-volume mask.


Our Molchanovs CORE Line sets the standard for quality, comfort, and value in everyday freediving gear.
Designed with style and durability in mind for recreational freediving.



Our Molchanovs SPORT Line combines high-quality materials and value to optimize comfort and provide exceptional performance. Finely-tuned for freedivers who want to make freediving a part of their lifestyle.


PRO Line

Our Molchanovs PRO Line features premium-quality materials with the highest performance in the industry. Formulated specifically for freediving professionals and athletes who desire superior equipment.