Become a Molchanovs Instructor!

Looking to take your freediving journey to the next level?

Take the next step in your freediving journey - learn from the leading freediving educators in the Molchanovs Instructor Course. This page is updated regularly with the available dates and locations of our Instructor Trainers for the Molchanovs Instructor Course or Crossover*.

*To be eligible for a Crossover course, you must hold an existing freediving instructor certificate from a recognized agency.

Benefits of being a Molchanovs Instructor

Becoming a freediving instructor with the Molchanovs Freediving Education System comes with some serious perks. Not only will you be teaching from the most up-to-date, comprehensive teaching materials created by today's top freedivers and educators - you also get extra benefits!

Instructor discounts

Who doesn’t love premium freediving gear at a discount, especially with such a wide range of Molchanovs products for every freediving level? As a Molchanovs instructor, you get a 15% discount on gear for yourself and items you want to sell to your students. We also keep you posted on special sales and instructor discounts throughout the year!

For instructors who want to make a large equipment purchase for their schools for the first time, we can offer abigger discount. For more information, send a message to

Instructors can also further their own freediving training (and find inspiration for teaching their students) with a 20% discount on Base Training + programs taught by elite freedivers.

Competitive fees

We know some of our instructors’ livelihoods come from their courses, so we stay competitive with our instructor fees. Plus, if you are a busy instructor or run a freediving school, you also get discounts on student registration fees based on volume!

Student registration fees include up-to-date manuals with the most comprehensive course content, access to further training after their course, early access and discounts on Molchanovs gear, and many other benefits. Students see this value - it keeps them returning to further their freediving education!


As a Molchanovs instructor, your input is valuable to us, and your (and your students’) questions must be answered promptly! This is why we have a dedicated support team to answer questions and receive input from students and instructors.

Instructor Trainers (ITs) also have their own separate channels, giving them direct access to support. The Molchanovs Movement Board discusses topics and suggestions brought up by ITs to implement positive changes and allow the Molchanovs Freediving Education System to evolve constantly.

Seminars and webinars

We see instructors as an investment, which is why it is important for us to make sure they feel valued, satisfied, and up-to-date with everything freediving! We frequently hold seminars and webinars for Molchanovs Movement members, instructors, and Instructor Trainers to discuss developments in freediving, new techniques, the latest education material updates, and hear thoughts and suggestions. After all - it is their individual voices that shape our education system.

Molchanovs Instructor Requirements 

Molchanovs Lap/Wave 2 Instructor (L/W2I)

Physical requirements to pass the Lap/Wave 2 Instructor Course/Crossover:

- CWTB & FIM 40m*
- CNF 30m (98ft)*
- Rescue 25m (82ft) + Surface Tow 50m (164ft)*
- DYNB 100m (328ft)
- DNF 60m (197ft)
- STA 4’00”
- Stand-by Rescue 15m (49ft) min. 60 sec*
- CO₂ dive 25m*

*Wave-only certification requirements


Molchanovs Lap/Wave 3 Instructor (L/W3I)

Physical requirements to pass the Lap/Wave 3 Instructor Course/Crossover:

- CWTB & FIM 50m (164ft)*
- CNF 35m (115ft)*
- Rescue 30m (98ft) + Surface Tow 50m*
- DYNB 110m (361ft)
- DNF 75m (246ft)
- STA 4’30”
- Stand-by Rescue 20m (66ft) min. 60 sec*
- CO₂ dive 25m*

*Wave-only certification requirements


Molchanovs Lap/Wave 4 Instructor (L/W4I)

To apply to be a Molchanovs Lap/Wave 4 Instructor and get students ready for competitive freediving, you will need to:

- Be an active Lap/Wave 3 Instructor certification (or the equivalent from another agency)
- Have at least 1 year of teaching experience as a Lap/Wave 3 Instructor (or the equivalent from another agency)
- Have a minimum of 100 certifications (minimum 10 L/W2 and minimum 10 L/W3)


Molchanovs Lap/Wave Instructor Trainer (L/W3IT)

The Molchanovs Education Board reviews and votes on completed applications that have met the criteria as outlined.

With majority approval by the Education Board, the IT candidate is permitted to join any upcoming Molchanovs Instructor Trainer Course.
Upon completion of the course and requirements, the candidate will then be activated as a Molchanovs IT.

Physical requirements are the same as for the L/W3I course.


Molchanovs Lap/Wave Instructor Trainer (L/W4IT)

To become a Lap/Wave 4 Instructor Trainer, you will need to fulfill the following pre-requisites:
- Have at least 1 year of teaching experience as a Molchanovs Instructor Trainer (or equivalent in other agencies)
- Be a Lap/Wave 4 Instructor
- Have proof of a competition performance within 25% of current AIDA or CMAS World Records OR demonstrate extensive coaching experience for athletes at the same level OR demonstrate extensive experience as safety diver or organizer of world record-status competitions.