5 Benefits of Incorporating Breathwork in your Daily Life
Breathing correctly is just as much a part of freediving as breath-holding. While the benefits of breathwork in freediving include increased lung volume, longer breath-holds, and breathing muscle flexibility, did you know that incorporating breathwork in your daily life has plenty of non-freediving benefits?
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Freediving Dry Training: 5 Key Areas to Work On
Did you know that not all freediving training has to happen in the water? That’s right - a lot of key freediving training can happen on land and with no buddy necessary! That means that even if you are landlocked and have no pool near you (or your pool does not allow freediving), your training progress does not have to be interrupted - you can dry train anywhere. So whether you are in-between freediving courses, feeling exhausted from too much in-water training, or just going through an extended dry period on land, you can still stay freediving-ready for the next time you get back in the water. So what are the 5 key areas to focus on in dry training for freediving?
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Alexey Molchanov: Uncovering the Man Behind the Golden Wetsuit
Alexey Molchanov, the co-founder of Molchanovs, has been making deep dives in international media. He was recently featured in international publications such as GQ and Men’s Health, and was interviewed by Sharyn Alfonsi of 60 Minutes. They covered topics such as Alexey’s deepest dive to 131m (430ft) in Constant Weight (CWT) at Vertical Blue 2021, his performance diving to 130m (427ft) at the 2019 AIDA Depth World Championship, fascinating details about Alexey’s past and upbringing, training tidbits, a background of the Molchanovs Education System, and the opinions of other athletes on Alexey.
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29th AIDA World Championship

On August 17th, the AIDA Depth World Championship begins on the island of Roatán, Honduras. It is the 29th world championship event AIDA has arranged in its 30 years of existence if we count depth, pool, and team competitions.
In most kinds of sports (except football and motorsports), world championship events are the second biggest worldwide competition after the Olympic Games. Freediving isn't an Olympic sport, so world championships are the highest level of competition for freedivers.

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