Become a Molchanovs Junior Freediving Instructor

Are you a Molchanovs Lap or Wave 2 Instructor who loves sharing your passion of freediving with kids? Do you want to help grow the love of freediving to younger generations?

Then it’s time to become a Molchanovs Junior Freediving Instructor and create the next generation of freedivers! As a Junior Instructor, you can now teach children as young as 4 years old different swimming techniques, pool freediving disciplines, and depth freediving, both in courses and in training sessions after course completion.

The Junior Freediving Education Program is split into 3 different age groups with Discover, Lap, and Wave courses: Junior (4 - 7 y/o), Junior (8 - 11 y/o), Junior (12 - 15 y/o).

Unlike the Adult Wave freediving courses, the material covered in Junior Lap and Junior Wave courses are completely separate - a Junior Wave course does not include Junior Lap pool material.

For more information on the courses, click here.

Why teach Junior Freediving?

Reach a larger audience

Junior Instructors are no longer limited to adults - their target audience is now expanded to include children 4 years and older! A larger audience means more opportunities for new students (and more streams of income for you).

Expand the range of provided services

The Molchanovs Junior Freediving System encompasses a lot of courses - 20 extra courses if you become Junior Lap- and Wave-certified, in fact! And as children get older, they will continue on their freediving journeys with more courses and training, turning them into long-term junior students (and eventually - adult students!.

Target families

What do families like to do on vacation? Any activities that are fun for everyone! It’s hard to break up families for the adults to participate in a freediving course, but parents will be more likely to join if their children can also get involved. You can even organize special family trips for courses and training!

Positively affect children’s development

When children learn how to freedive, they gain muscle, improve their cardiovascular and respiratory health, discover mindfulness, develop healthy habits, and more! Sports training is vital for children’s physical and mental development, and now you can be an important part of it - especially by teaching them water safety.

Create more ocean lovers

The sea can use as many fans as it can get, and you can help! Showing children the ocean's wonders and marine life will inspire them to be more eco-conscious and become advocates for the ocean. Then, they can pass that passion to those around them and leave a long-lasting imprint on the world - all because of you.

Molchanovs Junior Freediving Instructor Levels

Molchanovs Junior Lap Instructor (JLI)

Molchanovs Junior Freediving Lap Instructors can conduct Lap courses and trainings for children ages 4 - 15 in the pool.

Performance requirements:

Swim 25m (82ft) on the surface in any style with fins, a 5kg (11lb) weight in the hands, and no snorkel

Rescue 25m (82ft) and 50m (164ft) Surface Tow

Molchanovs Junior Wave Instructor (JWI)

Molchanovs Junior Freediving Wave Instructors can conduct Wave courses and trainings for children ages 8 - 15 in open water.

Performance requirements:

Swim 25m (82ft) on the surface in any style with fins, a 5kg (11lb) weight in the hands, and no snorkel

Rescue 25m (82ft) and 50m (164ft) Surface Tow

Molchanovs Junior ITs

Aolin Wang


: 广州,上海, China
: +886926510573
Languages: Chinese, English

Julia Mouce

A freediving coach and instructor who has been teaching and sharing the love for freediving for over 13 years. There’s nothing I love more than sharing this passion with others and exploring the underwater world.

Location: Amed, Bali, Indonesia
: +6282266125814
English, Spanish

Kirill Popov

I have been teaching freediving since 2013. Founder of Freedive Nusa, instructor trainer, coach, and organizer of unique freedive trips around Indonesia. I'm happy to teach and share it with others - from kids to professional freediving instructors. Freediving is for Everyone!

Location: Nusa Penida, Bali
WhatsApp: +6282147417679
Telegram: @freedivenusa

Maria Zosa

I practice a holistic teaching approach that focuses on existential experiences can be very valuable for fostering personal growth and meaningful learning. I find that this approach allows students to connect their freediving education to their own lives and values.

Location: South East Asia

Michelle Ooi

I enjoy teaching and helping other people discover the joys of freediving in the hopes that they get to experience the wonders of the ocean, too.

Location: Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia
: +6596720358

Paul Sack

At Life, freediving is for everyone. Whether you are 16 or 60, it is never too early nor late to start exploring and living a healthier life.

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
WhatsApp: +60123081081
WeChat: PaulSack

Ploy Scott

I'm a freediving instructor trainer that loves sharing my passion for freediving and the ocean. I have been teaching for nearly a decade in Thailand. I love helping people improve their skills, education and wellbeing.

Location: Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand
WhatsApp: +66813839555

Thibault Guignes

I am always willing to share the experience that I gained over the past years in teaching, training and competing. I enjoy teaching beginner courses to kids and adults as much as coaching top athletes for deep diving

: Camotes island, Philippines
: +63 945 977 6756
: English, French

Wayne Tu

We learn best through games and action, that’s why we make sure you have loads of fun while learning!

Location: Taiwan
WhatsApp: +886926510573
Languages: English, Chinese

Chris Cheezam

Ekaterina Brezigna

Olga Lukova