How to Choose Between Molchanovs Freediving Bifins: Training Fins for Beginners

How to Choose Between Molchanovs Freediving Bifins: Training Fins for Beginners
By Kristina Zvaritch and Asya Kleshchevnikova

So many Molchanovs bifins - how do you choose which is right for your training sessions as a beginner freediver?

Molchanovs has an impressive lineup of fins, but it can be confusing to understand which bifins are best suited for your needs as a beginner! This is exactly why we created a complete guide to Molchanovs freediving bifins. In this post, we’ll focus on bifins for beginner freediving training. Whether you’re training in the pool or open water, you need to know what features to look for in training fins, which pair is recommended for beginners, and potential upgrades down the line.

Let’s get started!

Features to Look For in Beginner Training Bifins

When shopping for bifins to kickstart your freediving journey, keep an eye out for three specific features.


Training sessions, whether in pool or open water, can take anywhere from 1 - 2+ hours, meaning the bifins you wear better be comfortable! Plus, if you’re still new to freediving, there’s a lot of things going on at the same time – a new environment, breath-holding, learning a new finning style, etc. If your fins aren’t comfortable or your mask is foggy or leaking constantly, it won’t be a pleasant experience. This is why your first pair of fins should be soft and ergonomic.

In bifins, comfort is all about the foot pocket. If your foot pocket is too stiff or rubs against your toes/heels and rips your skin open, it will affect how you dive. Thankfully, Molchanovs foot pockets are famous for their comfort!

While it’s best to try before you buy, that’s not always possible. So if you cannot try your bifin’s foot pocket before purchasing, measure your foot and check each bifin’s sizing guide closely.

When in doubt, email any questions or details at and get expert recommendation!


Building foundational bifin technique requires soft fins! And very soft fins, especially shorter silicone fins, will give you effortless kicks, allowing you to train your muscle memory to perform the correct movement. Then later, when you put on soft fiberglass or carbon fiber fins, you’ll still be performing the same bifin technique, just with the added resistance of longer fins.


If you are just trying out freediving for the first time, or still unsure of how much time and commitment you can give to it, you’re probably looking for affordable bifins for your first pair! Luckily, Molchanovs has a wide range of high-quality bifins at different price points, which brings us to our next point…

Do you know which Molchanovs training bifins are the go-to pair for beginners?

Molchanovs Training Bifins for Beginners (CORE Silicone Bifins)

The CORE Silicone Bifins are the ideal bifins for freedivers just starting out on their freediving journey! With a foot pocket designed for a comfortable and ergonomic fit (for both narrow and wide feet), soft silicone blades for training/perfecting bifin technique, and a price tag your wallet will love, you just can’t go wrong!

And the best part?

These bifins will be a staple item in your gear bag even if you go pro.

Just take a look at the top freedivers’ social media accounts - you’ll see that they do drills in the pool and at depth with the CORE Silicone Bifins to perfect their technique, and then use long bifins for their competition performances!

CORE Silicone Bifins Specs

Here are CORE Silicone Bifins specs at a glance:
  • Hypoallergenic and UV-resistant silicone
  • Designed for all water temperatures
  • Can withstand -30°C (-22°F) temperatures without deforming
  • Arch support maintains the correct position of your foot during the kick stroke for maximum efficiency
  • Open-heel foot pockets provide the optimal foot position for finning
  • The anatomical shape of the back strap is designed for a better fit over the Achilles tendon and offers maximum support
  • Eight blade rails with specific curvature profiles and stiffness distribution make the fins efficient and stable with the least amount of effort

When it’s Time to Upgrade

Once you feel like you’ve gotten the hang of the foundational bifin technique and want something a little more ‘oomph’ (and with no plans to join competitions), you’ve got two great options.

SPORT Bifins 3

SPORT Bifins 3 Fiberglass and SPORT Bifins 3 Carbon are truly ‘all-around’ bifins.

They give that extra dose of power that’s perfect for:
  • Recreational freedivers
  • Freediving instructors
  • Safety divers
  • Spearfishers
  • Underwater photographers
  • Etc.
The removable SPORT Silicone Foot Pockets come with a more spacious interior for a comfortable fit and are suitable for sub-max and max performances in training. They offer the same open-heel straps, anatomical back straps, and arch support as the CORE Silicone Bifin foot pockets, but with the added addition of rigid stabilizers on either side of the foot pocket to give you stability and control over each kick.

Plus, removable foot pockets means you can have 2 pairs of footpockets - one for when you need socks and one for bare feet - and swap them out effortlessly with different blades!

Fiberglass or carbon fiber blades?

Pick your poison when it comes to the blade - fiberglass for more durability or carbon fiber for a lightweight feel both in and out of the water. You can’t go wrong with either!

SPORT Bifins 3 Specs

Take a quick look at what the SPORT Bifins 3 Fiberglass/Carbon have to offer!

SPORT Silicone Foot Pockets:
    • Hypoallergenic and UV-resistant silicone
    • Open-heel design for maximum ankle flexibility
    • Anatomical shape of the heel strap for maximum support and a comfortable fit
    • Arch support for optimal foot positioning
    • Unique attachment system for additional support and better energy transfer from foot to blade
    • Rigid stabilizers for full control over each kick and movement
SPORT Bifin Blades:
    • Available in 100% carbon fiber or premium 100% UHC fiberglass
    • Improved blade-layering system for more propulsion with less effort
    • Smooth and gradual blade angle for added durability
    • Size-graded blade stiffness ensures that the blade’s length matches its resistance
      • Soft: Reduced blade length for effortless maneuverability
      • Medium: Extended blade length for balanced propulsion
    • Available in 5 vibrant blade accent colors

PRO Short Bifins 3

For something a little more high-end that’s easy to travel with, check out the PRO Short Bifins 3!

The PRO Short Bifins 3 are small but mighty! The Molchanovs hand-built foot pockets provide unparalleled comfort with soft micropore lining in the interior and performance with open heel straps and arch support. The foot pockets are glued onto a short and snappy 100% carbon blade, making them excellent for frequent travelers.

Pair them with the Bifin Blade Protection and the Short Bifins Backpack to make travel even easier on yourself!

PRO Short Bifins 3 Specs

Take a sneak peek at what the PRO Short Bifins 3 have to offer!

Molchanovs Hand-Built Foot Pockets:
  • Heavy-duty, wear-resistant, and UV-resistant
  • Custom open-heel foot pockets for full ankle flexibility
  • Built-in arch support to decrease fatigue and keep the foot in the optimal position to maximize small-muscle use and minimize drag
  • Comfort Lining interior with soft micropore for maximized comfort, removing the need for socks
  • Increased toe space for added relief
  • Engraved Molchanovs logo on the front
  • Premium 100% carbon fiber
  • Handcrafted from start to finish
  • Layered by hand for unparalleled responsiveness
  • Bottleneck shape for an efficient transition in water, giving you more power
  • Short, lightweight carbon blade makes traveling with them convenient
  • Soft- and medium-stiffness blades available
  • Available in 6 eye-popping blade accent colors

Quick Summary

We just gave you a lot of information, so let’s wrap everything up in a neat little package!

When looking for beginner training fins, look for fins that are:
  • Comfortable for long periods of wear
  • Soft so you can train foundational bifin technique (and keep training it even as you advance in your training)
  • Affordable so you don’t have to break the bank on them
Time to upgrade? Check out the SPORT Bifins 3 in fiberglass and carbon fiber for an all-around pair of training bifins. If you’re a frequent traveler and don’t mind spending a little more, invest in the PRO Short Bifins 3.

Fiberglass or carbon fiber? Fiberglass is more durable, while carbon fiber is more lightweight - but you can’t go wrong with either if it’s Molchanovs fiberglass and carbon fiber!

Check out the chart below for a comparison of all the bifins we discussed today.
CORE Silicone Bifins SPORT Bifins 3 Fiberglass SPORT Bifins 3 Carbon PRO Short Bifins 3 Carbon
Standard EU / custom foot pocket sizes Standard EU only Standard EU only Standard EU only Both available
Durable blades Yes Yes Needs extra care Needs extra care
Removable foot pockets No Yes Yes No
Weight 1.6 - 1.8kg (3.5 - 4lb) 1.7 - 2kg (3.7 - 4.4lb) 1.6 - 1.9kg (3.5 - 4.2lb) 1 - 1.8kg (2.2 - 6.2lb)
Suitable for long sessions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suitable for fun diving
Suitable for training
Suitable for competition
Suitable for spearfishing
Suitable for scuba diving
There - that’s it! You’re ready to begin your journey into freediving, which should start with finding an instructor near you and enrolling in a beginner freediving course or advancing to higher levels to increase your knowledge and rediscover your preconceived limits. For those times in between, check out Base Training and Base Training + to keep growing your skills outside of a course.

And as always - never freedive alone, only with a trained and certified buddy!

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