How to Choose Between Molchanovs Freediving Bifins: Fun Diving Fins
Freediving is not all about training and competing - it’s mostly about exploration, especially exploring the underwater world. But not all bifins are designed for the same purposes, which is why we created a complete guide to Molchanovs freediving bifins. In this post, we’re taking a closer look at the features that make bifins fun dive-able and which Molchanovs fins suit the purpose.
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How to Travel with Your Freediving Bifins and Monofin
Traveling with freediving equipment can become a headache, especially with uniquely shaped equipment such as freediving bifins and monofins. Apart from finding a case or a bag that will fit them, you also need to take into account the material of the blade (plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber), what type of traveling you are doing with the bag, what other equipment you will transport with it, and how much protection you require.
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The Croatian Open Cup Pool Competition Sees 2 New Croatian National Records
The CMAS competition took place in the prestigious Bazen Utrina, the first enclosed Olympic swimming pool in Zagreb. With 41 athletes, including 6 newcomers to the competitive freediving world, 2 new Croatian CMAS National Records were set, and six athletes qualified to participate in this year’s upcoming CMAS World Freediving Indoor Championship in Belgrade, Serbia.
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