How to Choose Between Molchanovs Freediving Bifins: Training Fins for Beginners
Molchanovs has an impressive lineup of fins, but it can be confusing to understand which bifins are best suited for your needs as a beginner! This is exactly why we created a complete guide to Molchanovs freediving bifins. In this post, we’ll focus on bifins for beginner freediving training. Whether you’re training in the pool or open water, you need to know what features to look for in training fins, which pair is recommended for beginners, and potential upgrades down the line.
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What to Pack for Your First Freediving Trip
Finally - it’s time to leave the real world behind and go on your first-ever freediving trip! But wait - what to bring?
It can be an exciting week leading up to your first freediving trip, but it can also be stressful if you’re unsure what to pack! You definitely don’t want to get caught far from home and not have the gear you need - but you also don’t want to overpack because freediving gear is heavy, and airlines have hefty fees for overweight bags.
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