Your Freediving Summer Essentials

Your Freediving Summer Essentials
By Kristina Zvaritch

Depth season is here - do you have everything you need to have the best (and safest) underwater experience possible?

Summer is in full swing, and it’s time for freedivers’ yearly migrations to famous tropical locations for some deep freediving. Whether you’re heading to Dahab, Indonesia, the Philippines, or even further-flung locations, get ready for an unforgettable under-the-sea experience!

But before you start packing for your next adventure, you better make sure you have all the essentials. Don’t worry, we’ve created a list of all the must-haves so you can enjoy your diving to the max while staying safe - check them out below!

1.5mm SPORT Wetsuit

Ah, the men’s and women’s SPORT Wetsuit 1.5mm Inside-Lined...a glossy glideskin exterior to slide effortlessly through the water with a lined interior to slip easily into the wetsuit. Plus, it looks super sleek in underwater photos/videos!

P.S. Did we mention it now comes in gold?

Who says you can’t train like a champ without breaking the bank? Enjoy an economical alternative to the PRO wetsuits with extra money to spare!

Stays flexing
It's so lightweight, flexible, and comfortable that you’ll feel like you’re wearing a second skin—but better! Experience complete freedom of movement in arrow position and during free immersion and no-fins dives.

Made for the tropics
This wetsuit is designed for warm weather so that you can glide your way to depth without overheating! Plus, the glide skin exterior means that water isn’t being absorbed - therefore, there’ll be no unwanted evaporation chills on the boat ride back.

CORE Wetsuit

The CORE One-Piece Wetsuit 2.5mm is an excellent beginner’s wetsuit that can be worn for every activity in temperate waters!

Easy to wear
With soft lining on both sides, you don’t need any preparation (for example, lubrication or in-water donning) before sliding into the wetsuit - you’re absolutely welcome to wait until the last second to put it on.

Tough and reliable
Each layer of lining sandwiches neoprene between it, meaning it’s more protected from accidental scrapes on rocks or struggling to climb back onto the boat!

Made for adventure
It’s not just for freediving - use one wetsuit for multiple experiences like surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, kite surfing, etc. The sky (or rather the ocean) is the limit!

Lightweight Poncho Towel

While the Lightweight Poncho Towel looks minimalistic and stylish, it packs a surprising punch of absorbency, weightlessness, and packability!

Ultra fast-drying material
You won’t believe how absorbent it is and how fast it dries - even during short surface intervals on a boat!

Tiny package
It’s virtually unnoticeable in your gear bag and super easy it is to carry - after all, it’s crazy ultralight (only 800g / 1.7lb)!

Ready for adventure
Whether you’re planning a full day of soaking up the sun or going on a spontaneous dive with friends while exploring the local waterfalls, this poncho is your perfect companion.

PRO Bifins 3

The PRO Bifins 3 in carbon and fiberglass are our lightest bifins yet, making them your true companion on travels to fun dive, train, or compete.

All-around professional fins
Preparing for a training season in Panglao has never been easier - just one pair of fins for all your freediving adventures, even competitions!

Comfort is key
With the Molchanovs hand-built foot pockets, you can say goodbye to socks and blisters - the PRO Bifins 3 feel like soft hugs on your bare feet (or tighter hugs for tight-fit custom foot pockets).

Designed for performance
Previous generations of these recently released bifins have set many national, continental, and world records. Will you be the next person we mention in our competition reports who wore our bifins and shattered records?


Whether you’re diving in a pool or ocean that’s too warm or want a sporty bathing suit underneath your wetsuit, there’s a Molchanovs swimsuit with your name on it!

Multiple styles for women
Do you prefer a one-piece swimsuit or one with a separate top and bottom? It doesn’t matter, both versions of our women’s swimwear come in a professional and sporty fit - choose between black or our signature blue!

Athletic fit for men
Two-way stretch, a thicker side cut, and a small drawstring cord make you look and feel like an unstoppable athlete.

Comfort and style meet
Each of our swimsuits are stylish enough to wear for pool training yet comfortable enough to wear underneath a wetsuit - after all, they were designed with freedivers in mind!

Mask and Snorkel Set

The most basic freediving equipment definitely doesn’t have to LOOK basic - check out the Molchanovs Freediving Mask and Snorkel combo, and you’ll see what we mean.

Wide field of vision
Plastic lenses are wider than glass variants, giving you an extra-large field of view for those extra-large manta rays and whale sharks!

Comfortable fit
With a flexible and soft skirt and even softer nose pocket, equalization comes easily and comfortably. The sturdy snorkel also has a mouthpiece you can keep in for hours while safetying your buddy (or gazing at sea turtles).

Polished look
We have yet to find a freediver who doesn’t look good in this mask. Honestly, you’ve never been more picture-ready - even above water in everyday clothes!

Lightweight Gear Bags

No matter which type of gear bag you need - Molchanovs (literally) has your back!

Short Bifins Backpack
The Short Bifins Backpack is smaller for your short fins but still roomy enough for extra gear. Grab your gear and go, whether you’re taking the high-speed train to the city pool or heading to a fun diving spot on a banka boat in the Philippines!

Lightweight Bifins Bag 3
The Lightweight Bifins Bag 3 organizes your bifins and other equipment for quick trips to dive sites, yet is compact and lightweight enough (only 600g / 1.3lb!) to tuck away neatly into your suitcase on the plane!

Lightweight Monofin Bag 2
The Lightweight Monofin Bag 2 can easily transport not only your monofin but also a pair of bifins (FYI, the blades will partially stick out). Protect your monofin while you drive on a scooter to your next freediving destination - those little rocks on the road are no joke!

Travel Solutions

For long-haul flights, it can be a scary experience to sit in your seat and bite your nails, wondering if your precious fiberglass or carbon fins are safe below you in the plane’s storage. That’s exactly why Molchanovs created specific solutions for worry-free gear travel!

Blade Protection
Whether you have short or long bifins or a monofin, blade protection wraps around your delicate blade, keeping the material safe from any bending or scratching on planes, trains, buses, and motorbikes.

Semihard Monofin Bag 2
The Semihard Monofin Bag 2 sits on your back and securely stows away your monofin with plastic inserts on all but one side, giving you a sturdier level of protection. You can even remove the plastic inserts to store your bag when you’re not using it!

Hard Case
The ultimate solution to travel, the Hard Case on wheels fits in a monstrous amount of equipment inside (including your monofin), keeping it safe from angry ground transportation staff and other people’s bulky luggage!

Final Thoughts

Remember that it can be tough to order gear from abroad - the customs cost may be higher, and the shipping couriers may not be ultra-reliable. That’s why planning ahead is important to have the best and most unforgettable experience possible on your freediving adventures abroad!

So head over to and prepare yourself for your next journey - we can’t wait to see where you’ll end up this year!

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