Discover Freediving Experience

Are you short on time or unsure if you want to commit to an entire freediving course but still want to experience freediving?
Dip your toes into the freediving world with the Discover Freediving Experience, a short but immersive introduction to pool or open water freediving.

Choose your experience

A Discover Freediving Lap Experience gives you a glimpse of pool freediving, while a Discover Freediving Wave Experience introduces you to open water freediving. Both experiences give you the fundamentals of freediving and real-life practice under the supervision of a Molchanovs instructor in a controlled environment. You’ll focus on the following three aspects:

Breathing and relaxation

Discover how to relax your body and mind before a freedive. You’ll also learn how to take an efficient full breath for your dive and how to breathe after each dive to recover quicker.

Basic freediving technique

Dive into the basics of freediving with general knowledge of equipment, safety protocols, and finning techniques to make the most out of every freedive.

Pool or open water freediving

If you want to experience pool freediving in the Discover Freediving Lap Experience, you’ll learn how to:

  • Begin your pool dive
  • Use bifins to swim efficiently for distance
  • Perform a pool turn to extend your performances
  • Dive up to 32m in the pool

If you want to discover open water freediving in the Discover Freediving Wave Experience, you’ll learn how to:

  • Equalize your ears at depth
  • Enter the water with a ‘duck dive’
  • Dive up to 14m depth with bifins

Remember, the Discover Freediving Experience is not a certification course, and you will not be qualified to dive with other freedivers.
However, if you fall in love with freediving after your introduction, you can take the Lap/Wave 1 - Beginner Freediving course and your Discover Freediving Experience in-water session will count toward one of the course sessions!

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