Lap/Wave 2 Instructor Requirements

To apply to become a Molchanovs Lap/Wave 2 Instructor, you’re required to have completed a Molchanovs Lap/Wave 3 course and be of an appropriate character.

For crossovers to Molchanovs Freediving Education, an equivalent instructor certificate is required.

Lap/Wave 2 Instructor physical requirements

The physical requirements to pass the Lap/Wave 2 Instructor Course/Crossover are as follows:

Lap 2 Instructor (L2I)

  • STA 4’00”
  • DNF 60m (197ft)
  • DYN 100m (328ft)

Lap/Wave 2 Instructor (L/W2I)

  • L2I physical requirements
  • 40m (131ft) or 35m* (115ft*) CWTB & FIM
  • 30m (98ft) 25m* (82ft*) CNF
  • 25m Rescue + 50m (164ft) Surface Tow
  • 15m (49ft) Stand-by Rescue (minimum 60 seconds)
  • CO Dive**

*Minimum requirement for cold water: <15°C (59°F) at 1m (3ft) below the water’s surface
**While weighted for neutral buoyancy at 10m (33ft), perform vertical finning for 60 seconds with elbows above the surface, then immediately complete a 20m (xxx) CWT(B) dive