Molchanovs Lap/Wave Instructor Trainer (W4IT) Application & Requirements

ITC4 Prerequisites

To become a Lap or Wave 4 Instructor Trainer, you’ll need to fulfill the following prerequisites:
  • Have at least 1 year of teaching experience as a Molchanovs Instructor Trainer (or equivalent in other agencies)
  • Be a Wave 4 Instructor (Lap 4 Instructor to become L4IT)
  • Proof of athlete performance within 25% of current AIDA or CMAS World Records with an extensive competition background OR demonstrate extensive coaching experience of athletes at the same level OR demonstrate extensive experience as safety diver or organizer of world record-level competitions
A candidate that fulfills these requirements can send an application to the Molchanovs Movement Board and, if accepted, upgrade to Molchanovs L/W4IT by passing the Molchanovs Wave 4 Instructor Trainer Course (ITC4).

Please note that Molchanovs acknowledges the importance of pool training, competitions, and high-level athletic training, and especially welcomes potential
Lap 4 Instructor Trainers to apply!

ITC4 Application

Include all your competition experiences in your application, such as:
  • Your competition results as an athlete
  • The results of athletes that you are/were coaching: describe your involvement in the process in detail
  • Previous experience as a safety diver: provide details of your involvement, level of training, and any extra certifications (such as medical training, first aid, etc.)
  • Previous experience as an organizer and/or judge: provide details regarding your involvement, level of the competitions, etc.

ITC4 Course

Once the candidate has received approval from the Molchanovs Movement Board, they can join any of the announced ITC4 courses (either online or in-person) and must complete the following before the start of the ITC4:
  • Review L/W4 manual (in English)
  • Review L/W4I Upgrade Course Materials
  • Have the current competition rules at hand for all relevant agencies
  • Have the relevant qualifications up to date and active:
    • CPR/First Aid certification
    • Active status as Molchanovs instructor
    • Dive insurance
    • Professional liability insurance
The ITC4 course consists of 4 hours of lectures with the active involvement of all candidates. While the ITC4 course focuses mainly on the training and safety principles outlined in the L/W4 manual, it is also used as an opportunity for Quality Management; therefore, ‘teaching how to teach’ principles will be reviewed.