Introducing the Molchanovs Hard Case
The Molchanovs Hard Case is a revolutionary item in the world of freediving. All around the world, freedivers are forced to pack all of their equipment in separate bags, wrapping uniquely-shaped items delicately in protective material in order to withstand the inevitable bumps and bangs from car rides, trains, and airplanes. These freedivers now have the ultimate solution thanks to Alexey Molchanov’s newest invention, which he sees as a necessity, especially for monofin divers.
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The Molchanovs Black Friday Sale
The Molchanovs Black Friday week is on now with offers from 27.11 - 04.12. Whether you want to gear up yourself or get ready for the holiday season with gifts for your loved ones. This is the time of the year to get unique deals on freediving gear developed by freedivers for freedivers.
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Freediving Equipment for Beginners Guide
Freediving is a sport that is growing more and more popular by the year with the number of freedivers around the world multiplying quickly. After taking a certified freediving course, new freedivers may want to invest in their own equipment so as to avoid having to rent gear from a shop. The question is: what freediving equipment should beginners invest in?
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