Vitomir Maričić Reviews the Entire Line of Molchanovs Bifins
In our YouTube video about our full range of freediving bifins, we sit down with Vitomir Maričić and hear his thoughts on the advantages of each pair of bifins, which bifins are good for what kind of training, and his overall opinion of them. Vitomir is a multiple freediving world record holder, freediving instructor and coach, and president of AIDA Croatia. Within Molchanovs, he is a Movement Board member, Wave and Base Training contributor, and an athlete/ambassador. 
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Introducing the Revolutionary CORE Silicone Bifins
The foundation of freediving training involves having the proper symmetrical kick, which provides optimal performance, helps ensure safety, and keeps the freediver in a state of complete relaxation. It is ideal for beginners to learn this technique with silicone or rubber fins, as they are softer than plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber fins. Unfortunately, many silicone and rubber fins on the market are not as comfortable or as powerful as needed, or do not have a good ratio of power and effort. This is why Molchanovs created the CORE Silicone Bifins.
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How to Take Care of Your Freediving Bifins and Monofin
Freediving bifins and monofins can be one of the most considerable investments you make in your freediving career. Whether you have plastic, fiberglass, or carbon blades on your fins, all of these materials have special care and storage instructions that can help increase the life expectancy of the equipment. If you do not take special care of your bifins and monofin, breakage or deformities in the material can happen. The question is: what special care do freediving bifins and monofins require?
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