Introducing the Revolutionary CORE Silicone Bifins

Introducing the Revolutionary CORE Silicone Bifins

By Kristina Zvaritch

The foundation of freediving training involves having the proper symmetrical kick, which provides optimal performance, helps ensure safety, and keeps the freediver in a state of complete relaxation. It is ideal for beginners to learn this technique with silicone or rubber fins, as they are softer than plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber fins. Unfortunately, many silicone and rubber fins on the market are not as comfortable or as powerful as needed, or do not have a good ratio of power and effort. This is why Molchanovs created the CORE Silicone Bifins.

“I wanted to put my ideas into something that represents my understanding of how the fins should work,” said Alexey Molchanov, co-founder of Molchanovs and multiple world record holder and champion. “That is the mission of all Molchanovs gear: we as freedivers materialize our vision of how things should be. I designed these fins because proper training fins are a specific entry point for any freediver, and every freediver should have a pair of silicone fins.”

Who can use the CORE Silicone Bifins?

The CORE Silicone Bifins are for all levels of freedivers, instructors, and even underwater photographers and other underwater sports participants. Beginners need them for a great balance of power and effortlessness in order to form the correct technique. Advanced freedivers can use these fins for improving technique, while competition freedivers can use them for perfecting technique. The CORE Silicone Bifins are especially excellent for practicing drills in the pool as they are soft and force the wearer to focus and work on correct technique. Alexey even used them for training in Lake Baikal, Russia for his Guinness World Record performance, and found that they gave him a lot of torque and power, even while wearing 7mm socks.

While these fins are powerful enough for instructor work and for rescue, both in pool and open water, it is still advised for instructors to check on their depth rescue skills with the fins on and feel confident with their performance before donning them in open water. Underwater photographers will also find these fins useful as they are easy to travel with, powerful enough for what they need, and comfortable for long periods in the water.

Perfect for travel

The CORE Silicone Bifins are also exceptional travel fins. Since they are flexible and shorter than traditional bifins, they are very easy to place in your bag and take a plane, train, car, or boat to your next freediving destination. They can be paired perfectly with our upcoming lightweight bifins bag, complete with backpack-style straps and designed to be easily packed into your luggage. Keep an eye out for updates!

What about plastic fins?

Plastic fins are the first fins that many freedivers buy as they are very inexpensive and durable, however, plastic fins are usually stiff and cause freedivers to bend their knees. This is exactly the opposite of what beginners need at the beginning of their freediving journey. Plastic fins also usually have standard foot pockets, which do not allow for pointed toes and for the ideal foot position when kicking. The CORE Silicone Bifins are softer, more easy to use, more energy-efficient, and better for technique. It is ideal to remove plastic fins from the equation entirely; instead, purchase silicone/rubber fins as specific training fins for developing and improving technique, and then a pair of proper fiberglass or carbon fiber fins for performance.

What about the design?

The material of the CORE Silicone Bifins is designed using a special grade of silicone, is hypoallergenic and UV-resistant, and is useful for all water temperatures. A minimalistic design ensures that style is not sacrificed, and freedivers have three colors to choose from: black, blue, and white. The blade is reinforced with eight rails, four on each side, that have a specific curvature profile and stiffness distribution that is similar to the CB2 Carbon, making them more efficient and stable with the least amount of effort. The foot pockets and blade are virtually indestructible, care only needs to be taken with the heel strap.

The general shape, arch support, and strap of the CORE Silicone Bifins are inspired by the competition foot pocket, which is designed to be comfortable while also giving great control over the blade. The foot pockets are as universal as possible, since silicone is flexible and gives a reserve on space. The specific height and width of the foot pockets, along with arch support for proper foot positioning, support energy transfer. Open-heel foot pockets are anatomically shaped to offer support for the bones in the feet and to fit snugly over the Achilles tendon for maximum support.

Change the way you dive

The CORE Silicone Bifins are revolutionary training fins that belong in the gear bag of every type of freediver, whether they are embarking on their freediving journey, already deep into it, or are introducing others to the underwater world. Naturally, it is always recommended to participate in a certified freediving course to learn the proper technique and how to maintain safety while freediving. One thing, though, is certain: the CORE Silicone Bifins will change the way you dive. The question is, will you let them?

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