Lap 3 / Wave 3 Course 2.0 Release

Lap 3 / Wave 3 Course 2.0 Release

Our Education Team at Molchanovs has been hard at work updating the Lap / Wave 3 Course materials to version 2.0, and we are excited to announce its release! But first, as a reminder: what exactly is the goal of the Wave 3 - Master Freediver course?

The goal of the Molchanovs Wave 3 course is to comfortably and safely increase depth, improve technique, and develop an understanding of advanced physiological and mental implications. Completing the Wave 3 course also enables you to act as an assistant instructor and is the last step towards joining a Molchanovs Instructor Course.

In a Wave 3 course, freedivers learn advanced equalization approaches that combine Frenzel with mouthfill or reverse packing, along with exercises to train these new techniques. They also learn about simulating depth using Functional Residual Capacity (FRC) dives and how to prevent injuries that are related to depth. Additionally, knowledge of packing, reverse packing, and flexibility training are included, along with understanding when these techniques need to be applied (if at all).

Now let’s take a look at the updates to the new manual!

New Chapters

How to handle an open water freediving setup
In this chapter, we cover how to set up for a depth session, buoy placement, and information on knots and ropes that you need for a proper setup. This section contains important knowledge regarding how to act as an assistant instructor in a freediving course.

Assistant instructor
This chapter describes how to supervise students during sessions and in the classroom, open water procedures, and how to properly run a warm-up session before diving. It also includes a first set of videos regarding handling of ropes, knots, and bottom weights, with final videos being shot later this year.

Bifin technique
Updated/new information on how to master proper bifin technique. At a future date, this chapter will be moved to the Wave 1 manual, but we wanted you to have it now!

New and modified safety skills
New and modified safety skills that are thoroughly explained are “Open water towing,” “Pool exit,” and “Retrieval of an incapacitated freediver” in various types of weather and water conditions.

Other updates

Extra updates to the manual include an improved monofin technique chapter with more in-depth information on how to master the technique in confined and open water. We also created a new and extended W3 online exam and a new course completion form with modified cold water requirements.

Thanks to our team

We want to give a big shout-out to everyone on the team who has contributed to updating this manual. It took a lot of hard work on the part of every single person mentioned in the last page of the manual. Make sure to have a look at the “Acknowledgements” section and give them a big round of applause!

Happy reading, and we look forward to seeing everyone in the blue this freediving season!

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