Molchanovs vs. Pathos vs. Imersion Foot Pockets

Molchanovs Pathos Imersion
Open heel
Option to customize
Comfort lining inside
Arch support
Socks are recommended
Shape Anatomical Generic Generic
Weight (EU size 40) 900g/2lb 380g/0.8lb 640g/1.4lb
Sizes available EU 34-46 EU 36-50 EU 36-46


Molchanovs Foot Pockets
Molchanovs foot pockets

We recommend standard and custom size Molchanovs Hand-Built Foot Pockets for freedivers who want to use their bifins to maximize performance.

Pathos Foot Pockets

Pathos foot pockets
Imersion Foot Pockets
Imersion Foot Pockets

If you are choosing between Pathos or Imersion foot pockets, there are a couple of differences that should be noted. If you have wider feet and a low arch, you may prefer to use Pathos foot pockets (typically worn with socks). If you have narrower feet and a high arch, you may prefer Imersion foot pockets (can be worn with or without socks) instead.