Mermaid Training Program with Dominique Abraham

Dominique Abraham, a Molchanovs instructor who represented Australia at the 2019 World Mermaid Championships in China, loves to bring the magic of mermaid life underwater. She mermaids professionally for private functions , where she creates her own tricks and underwater choreography. Dominique designed the Mermaid Training Program specifically for certified freedivers who want to begin their mermaid adventure at depth and learn how to perform comfortably underwater.

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The Mermaid Training Program is ideal for certified freedivers who dream of becoming mermaids and mermen who can move with grace at depth. After completing this program, you will be able to execute an elegant 90-second underwater mermaid performance with comfort and ease. You will also become a part of the constantly-growing mermaid community.

Benefits of the Mermaid Training Program include:

- Ability to swim with a mermaid tail
- Improved body awareness
- Feeling even more comfortable in the water than before
- Opportunity for self-expression and creativity


The Mermaid Training Program is a 4-week program that includes dry stretching, pool warm-ups, core workouts, and cool downs, and all the moves and skills you need to move like a graceful mermaid underwater. Each week features one 10-minute video that guide you on how to complete 1 hour of dry/pool training. For results that are elegant, fluid, and natural mermaid movements, it is recommended to repeat each video 2 - 3 times before moving onto the next week’s video. You will also get a PDF of the training plan.

Features of the Mermaid Training Program include:
- Learning how to perform the mermaid kick
- Understanding how to relax and body orientation needed underwater
- Performing dry and pool training to refine your skills
- Discovering mermaid tricks to perform underwater

Before purchasing the Mermaid Training Program, ensure that you:
- Have certification as a freediver with knowledge of breath-hold fundamentals and safety procedures
- Access to a pool
- A certified buddy for safety
- Mask and snorkel
- Training bifins or a monofin


The Mermaid Training Program is 50USD. Molchanovs Movement Members with Base Training access receive a 20% discount (40USD). Program purchase gives you lifetime access to videos and training materials.

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Molchanovs Movement members can access the Mermaid Training Program through Dashboard. Non-Movement members can register and purchase HERE.