Bifinning Fundamentals with Nataliia Zharkova

Former World Record Holder in Bifins and Molchanovs Instructor Trainer Nataliia Zharkova has been to 93m (305ft) deep with her bifins. She knows it can be challenging to learn to use bifins effectively for depth while you’re also working on equalization and holding your breath. That’s why she created Bifinning Fundamentals - for freedivers of all levels to develop and train their bifin technique.

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Bifinning Fundamentals is ideal for all levels of freedivers and even non-freedivers who want to improve their snorkeling skills. Whether you just finished a course and are not confident about your finning technique, a freediver with deep dives in mind for the future, or a freediver with experience who wants to fine-tune technique, Bifinning Fundamentals is designed to master the core principles of bifinning and refine existing technique.

Benefits of Bifinning Fundamentals include:

- Improved technique and more hydrodynamic in the water
- Increased body awareness during your dives
- Longer and deeper dives from being a more efficient freediver


Bifinning Fundamentals is a 4-week program that sets a solid foundation for the fundamentals of bifin technique. It includes 8 videos that each feature a warm-up, core workout, and cool-down phase with an area of focus for every video. While the course has a 4-week duration, it is encouraged to repeat videos over a longer period of time to feel more benefits.

Features of Bifinning Fundamentals include:

- Body orientation
- Efficiency
- Amplitude
- Relaxation
- Dive time
- Turns


Bifinning Fundamentals is 40USD for Molchanovs Movement Members with Base Training access and 50USD for non-Movement members. Program purchase gives you lifetime access to videos and training materials.


Molchanovs Movement members with Base Training access can find Bifinning Fundamentals through the Dashboard. Non-Movement members can purchase the program here for 50USD or by becoming a Molchanovs Movement Member through Base Training Induction Online (BTIO), which will grant access to all basic Base Training programs.