Vertical Blue 2022

Hello Freedivers!

Today we are starting the countdown for the biggest freediving marathon of 2022 starting August 1st, which will include two competitions: Vertical Blue 2022 and the 29th AIDA World Championship. The Molchanovs team will cover both events. On our social media (IG and FB), our marketing manager Amanda Tran will provide a brief recap of the day’s events, interesting facts about athletes, and quizzes for freediving history lovers in IG and FB Stories. Kristina Zvaritch and I, Asya Kleshchevnikova, will be announcing the most anticipated performances and detailed analyses of each competition day’s events on Facebook posts and

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We are celebrating Vertical Blue 2022, the most prestigious private depth competition that has just ended, with a special sale with ALL LEVELS of freedivers in mind! Whether you want to become a pro or explore recreational freediving, you’ll need the right gear and knowledge. So get ready and start training, because who knows? Maybe we’ll be seeing you in next year’s comp season!
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Frenzel vs. Valsalva Equalization for Freediving
Equalization is one of the biggest barriers for beginners when it comes to going deeper in freediving. Even if you are already a scuba diver or avid snorkeler and have no problem equalizing while you dive, equalization for freediving is very different! One of the reasons for this difference is that freedivers must use the Frenzel maneuver to go deeper, while many scuba divers and snorkelers can get by on their dives using the Valsalva maneuver. But do you know the differences between Frenzel and Valsalva equalization?
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Why Every Freediver Needs a Silicone Monofin
Freediving with a monofin is a completely unique experience, as many freedivers will tell you. Some might even say that it is freediving in its purest form, giving humans the silhouette of sea mammals - the very first freedivers on earth! Alexey Molchanov recognized that freedivers needed another option with monofins - one that lets freedivers experience, learn, and train proper monofin technique with more power and propulsion than short bifins provide (which are often used to train the monofin basics). And so, the CORE Silicone Monofin was developed. So why does every freediver need one?
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