Frenzel Fundamentals by Adam Stern

Adam Stern, the Australian national freediving champion and Molchanovs Founding Team member, is well-known for his passion for freediving and helpful equalization videos on YouTube. He decided to make a step-by-step program for freedivers struggling with Frenzel to perform weekly to help them gain the control and coordination needed for the first steps to successful equalization.

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Frenzel Fundamentals is ideal for beginner and intermediate freedivers. Whether you are struggling to learn Frenzel or simply want to refine your technique, Frenzel Fundamentals will hone your equalization skills and prepare you for depth. Freediving instructors will also find Frenzel Fundamentals helpful in teaching their students equalization and understanding their individual issues.

Benefits of Frenzel Fundamentals include:

- Ability to easily identify each muscle group used in the Frenzel maneuver
- Improved control and coordination of equalization muscles
- A stronger, more controlled overall Frenzel equalization technique


Frenzel Fundamentals is a 3-week program that includes an introductory video showing how to perform the individual skills. Each week has three separate workouts to perform, with each set focusing on a different part of the Frenzel Maneuver and guidance on how many repetitions should be completed.

Features of Frenzel Fundamentals include:

- Exercises to control the vocal fold, larynx, tongue, and soft palate
- Exercises to increase coordination of the muscles used for Frenzel
- Fully accessible from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or television
- An EQ Trainer is required for some exercises
- No buddy required 


Frenzel Fundamentals is free for Molchanovs Movement Members with Base Training access and 20USD for non-Movement members. Program purchase gives you lifetime access to videos and training materials.


Molchanovs Movement members with Base Training access can find Frenzel Fundamentals through the Dashboard. Non-Movement members can purchase the program here for $20 gain or becoming a Molchanovs Movement Member through Base Training Induction Online (BTIO) which will grant access to all basic Base Training programs.