Choosing Monofin Blade Stiffness and Size

Choosing Monofin Stiffness

Soft: Suitable for all women, for athletes with excellent small amplitude monofin technique, and for men who want to use these fins for training and performance. Softer blades are more economic in terms of energy consumption, although it mostly remains a preference among freedivers with more strength whether to choose a soft or medium stiffness.

Medium: Can be suitable for those who use medium amplitude technique and also for stronger men who use the small amplitude monofin technique. Freedivers with more strength can also use this stiffness for small amplitude monofin technique.

Hard: Can be suitable for sprints and for wide amplitude monofin technique. Can also be suitable for mid-range depth dives for those who prefer a stiff blade.

Choosing Monofin Blade Size

We also offer the choice of a ‘Small’ monofin blade for freedivers who are under 65kg (143lb), shorter than 170cm (5 feet 11 inches), or with shorter leg proportions. Small blades are 2cm (0.8in) shorter than Regular blades in length and width. The blade layering structure of Small blades results in a slightly reduced stiffness compared to Regular blades of the same stiffness. Small blades are particularly ideal for shorter freedivers because of their ease of maneuverability, while additionally requiring less power and energy spent on kicks.If you are on the smaller and lighter side (or prefer a more agile monofin), choose a Small blade.

If you are on the taller or heavier side (or prefer a more powerful monofin), choose a Regular blade.