Molchanovs Hand-Built Foot Pockets: Standard Size or Custom Size?

Molchanovs Hand-Built Foot Pockets: Standard Size or Custom Size?

By Kristina Zvaritch


If you are considering purchasing a pair of Molchanovs bifins or a monofin with the new hand-built foot pockets, you will also need to consider whether to get standard size or custom size foot pockets. Quality bifins and monofins are an investment that can last you through plenty of diving seasons, so it is important to make the right choice in regards to comfort and proper fit. With these two options in mind, how do you know which foot pocket to get?

If your feet are of ordinary shape and size and you want your product as soon as possible, you should choose standard foot pockets. However, if you have unique features to your feet, such as a noticeable size difference between each foot, wider feet, or especially high or low arches, you should consider getting custom foot pockets.

Overview of the New Molchanovs Hand-Built Foot Pocket

Molchanovs took customer feedback from the first generation of hand-built foot pockets and implemented several specific changes to the next generation models. The new Molchanovs hand-built foot pockets contain softer rubber and updated Comfort Lining, made from a soft micropore interior that does not require socks for comfort. Molchanovs also increased the toe space inside of the foot pockets, providing more relief for your feet. The new generation of hand-built foot pockets are also UV-resistant and heavy-duty, ensuring that they resist general wear and tear. Customers also have the option of choosing built-in arch support that helps decrease fatigue and keeps the foot in the perfect position to maximize small-muscle use and minimize drag.

Each and every hand-built foot pocket, whether it is standard size or custom size, is hand-built from start to finish, meaning that the foot pockets are able to be constructed in a way that is not possible in a factory. Molchanovs new hand-built foot pockets are comprised of many different materials inside of the actual foot pockets in order to provide the best performance. Instead of the entire foot pocket being made solely out of rubber, they contain a softer lining on the inside, soft arch support, and a fine-tuned plate of fiberglass inside the sole of the foot pocket. Arranging all of these materials in one foot pocket is not possible in a simple factory mold; hand-built foot pockets guarantee a high quality product with attention to comfort and detail.

Who Can Use Standard Size Foot Pockets?

If your feet are of standard size and shape, there is no need to invest in custom size foot pockets. The new Molchanovs hand-built foot pockets are premium foot pockets, hand-built for attention to detail and designed specifically for comfort. They are assembled from the best possible materials for performance and fit standard feet comfortably. Choosing standard sizes as opposed to custom sizes will not take away from comfort or performance; in fact, Alexey Molchanov made his world record dive to 111m (364ft) in the Constant Weight Bifins discipline in standard size foot pockets. His regular shoe size is 42.5 and he chose the 38-40 foot pockets for his performance, as athletes wear a tighter fit for competitions to maximize energy transfer.

Who Needs Custom Size Foot Pockets?

Custom size foot pockets may seem like a must-have for freedivers, but this is quite far from the truth. While custom size freediving wetsuits might be a better choice for some since our bodies come in many different shapes and sizes, it is not necessarily the same for our feet. Feet require much less measurements and customizations, and many people have “standard” feet. However, if you are a person that has unique features to your feet, such as one foot that is noticeably longer than the other, exceptionally wide feet, or particularly low or high arches, then you might want to consider custom size foot pockets.

Shipping Time and Cost Differences

Another factor to consider is the extra time it takes to create a custom size foot pocket. For custom size foot pockets, up to several weeks might be added to production time, which means that you could end up waiting much longer for your bifins than if you ordered standard size foot pockets, which are often readily available upon purchase. There is also a cost difference between standard size and custom size foot pockets, which you may want to consider if you have a specific budget.


When purchasing your bifins or monofin, take the following into consideration: Are your feet of standard shape and size? Is your purchase time-sensitive? Are you on a budget? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider ordering standard size foot pockets with your purchase. If you have very wide feet, noticeably asymmetrical feet, or exceptionally low or high arches, and cost and shipping speed are not important factors for you, then custom size foot pockets may be the optimal choice for you.

Whether you choose standard size or custom size Molchanovs hand-built foot pockets, you can trust that quality, performance, and a comfortable fit are guaranteed. Developed by freedivers for freedivers.

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