Size and Customization Guide

Pathos and Imersion Foot Pocket Size Chart
See a comparison of Pathos and Imersion foot pockets here. The chart below gives approximate measurements for reference. Choose according to your EU size. It is recommended to try the foot pockets on before purchasing.

Choosing Bifin Blade Stiffness
Blade stiffness depends on your height, weight, technique, experience, training goals, and blade size. Below are general tips on how to choose the right stiffness. If you are not sure, e-mail with a video attached of one of your dives for a recommendation.

SoftSuitable for smaller and lighter freedivers, and also for experienced freedivers with excellent ankle-driven technique. Softer blades are more economic in terms of energy consumption, although it mostly remains a preference among freedivers with more strength whether to choose a soft or medium stiffness.

Medium: Suitable for larger and heavier freedivers, freedivers with more lower-body strength, or for freedivers who needs more power.

HardSuitable for larger and heavier freedivers or freedivers with a lot of lower-body strength who use less frequency and more amplitude. Also favored by speed finswimmers.