Size Chart

General recommendations

The 80cm PRO Freediving Buoy is appropriate for comfortable diving for 5 people. The number can differ depending on the size and weight of freedivers, the length of the rope they use, and the amount of additional gear they use during their dive. For safety reasons, remember that one instructor may have a maximum of 4 students during a depth training session.

To safely set up your PRO Freediving Buoy

  1. Before each dive, inspect the buoy, rope, and D-ring for any visual damage.
  2. Insert the buoy-end of the rope into the loop inside of the buoy and insert the other end of the line through the carabiner on the D-ring. If you are using a pulley system (highly recommended), you can hook the pulley system directly to a carabiner on the D-ring.
  3. Attach the bottom weight to the rope with an appropriate knot (e.g., water bowline) or a carabiner.
  4. If you are using a pulley system, skip to step 7. It is highly recommended that the pulley system is attached to the buoy’s D-ring with a carabiner instead of a shorter piece of rope.
  5. Attach the bottom weight under the buoy with a carabiner and/or an appropriate knot.
  6. Attach the dive line with a clove hitch at the target depth.
  7. Take the line out of the float.
  8. Carefully inspect the dive site. If there are divers underwater, wait until they swim away before slowly releasing the line with the bottom weight attached.
Note: If you are not using a pulley system, make sure that the weight does not tangle itself with any part of the line as it is lowered. If the dive line is properly braided, this should not be a problem and you will not need to open the braid before lowering the bottom weight. The sinking bottom weight will open the braid automatically and the descent will be stopped by the clove hitch when the rope is fully unbraided.