Molchanovs Affiliate Marketing Program

Welcome to the Molchanovs Affiliate Marketing Program Pilot. Our goal with this program is to help Molchanovs freediving instructors and ambassadors lead a freediving lifestyle by monetizing their freediving equipment referrals.

As a Molchanovs freediving instructor or ambassador, you are the first source of information for your students and other freedivers when it comes to freediving equipment. Recommending Molchanovs gear will benefit you, your student, and the Molchanovs Education System as a whole. You will receive a 5% commission from the sale, your student will receive 5% off of their gear purchase. The Molchanovs Education System will continue to grow, as profits from equipment sales help fund the production of our freediving education system. This Affiliate Program is designed to deliver relevant, yet subtle, gear recommendations to students and other freedivers for the current stage of their freediving journey.

The affiliate program will be available on our store at, and the amount of commission you have earned will be tracked via the unique discount codes we plan to issue each one of our participants. As mentioned above, 5% of the sale will be credited to you. This can be used as credit for purchases through our online store, or to pay for instructor memberships. You will also be able to withdraw your credit as cash, subject to a processing fee. 

We are running a pilot affiliate marketing program in the following regions: Southeast Asia, Europe, USA, China, Korea, and Taiwan. If you are an active Molchanovs freediving instructor and are teaching in English in one of these regions, or if you are a Molchanovs ambassador, you are invited to be part of the pilot group. If the pilot will be successful and the participants love this program, we will launch it for all active Molchanovs instructors and ambassadors, including our dealer network, and make improvements to it as we go based on your feedback.

How it works:

  • Sign up until November 8th, 2020 by filling out this form:
  • Molchanovs reviews your application and will send you an email once confirmed
  • Take part in the affiliate marketing webinar (an invitation will be sent via email)
  • Receive your affiliate code (code will be sent via email)
  • Share your affiliate code (as mentioned above)
  • By being part of the pilot, you allow us to send relevant marketing emails and advertising in the Molchanovs Dashboard to your students during the pilot phase
  • Take part in the feedback webinars and share your experience with and usage of the affiliate code (an invitation will be sent via email)
  • Place your feedback in the “Affiliate Marketing Feedback Station” in Trello
  • The pilot will run for about 2-3 months
  • Your earnings will be saved on your account. There are three options to redeem them:
    • They can be subtracted off of your membership fee
    • Use them as credit on for your next gear purchase
    • Get your earnings in cash (only available once per year and will include an administration fee)