Measurement Notes

If you want to verify that the measurements will work for your frame, take into account that the SPORT Weight Belt should be stretched tightly across the hips, which will be about 10 percent of its length. Additionally, with each piece of lead weight, the belt will become about 1cm (0.4in) or so shorter. You can verify that the belt will work for you by measuring your hip circumference, deduct 10%, and then add 1cm (0.4in) per number of weights that you use. Check the diagram that the hole you require is located on the belt. Measurements can range 1-2cm tighter or looser as polymer is quite flexible.

Example: If your hip measurement is 100cm (39.4in), you will look for the hole that is at 90cm (35.4). If you usually wear 3kg (6.6lb) of weight, you will place the buckle in the hole at 93cm (36.6in).