New DYNB Women’s National Record in Molchanovs CB2 Bifins

New DYNB Women’s National Record in Molchanovs CB2 Bifins

By Alisa Root, Head of Marketing & Operations

Shanghai, China, 1 November 2020 

A new national Chinese and Asian record for women in the discipline of Dynamic With Bifins was achieved by Lisa Zhang, wearing the new Molchanovs CB2 Carbon Fins.

Lisa Zhang from China achieved a distance of 216m (709ft) in DYNB on one breath at the OneGame League Shanghai pool competition held by AIDA One Freedive Club City League in Shanghai. She broke her own previous record of 180m (591ft) by a wide margin, and was wearing white Molchanovs CB2 Carbon with a soft stiffness, designed specifically for competitive freedivers.

The Molchanovs CB2 Carbon were developed over a two-year period and involved feedback from the strongest athletes around the world, video observations of their dives, biomechanics analysis, and thorough testing of the fins with every small update throughout the development process.

Updates to the CB2 Carbon include a unique “bottleneck” shape and component quality to the blade, designed to benefit proper finning technique for dynamic and depth bifin performances. They also come with the new Molchanovs Hand-Built Foot Pockets, which have updated Comfort Lining, built-in arch support, and wider toe space, providing relief for the feet.

Our mission at Molchanovs is to share our love of freediving with the world. We do this by cultivating the level of knowledge and skill of all freedivers, by building global and local communities that fuel passion for freediving, and by developing gear that provides the best freediving experience possible.

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