Another World Record for Alexey Molchanov!

Another World Record for Alexey Molchanov!

Alexey Molchanov preparing for a World Record breaking under-ice dive

Alexey Molchanov sets the new World Record for under ice diving with a distance of 181m! On 26 February 2020, under the ice of the Ameryev dolomite quarry near Moscow, Russia, Alexey completed this chilling feat with the Molchanovs Competition Monofin 3, and the extra thick 5mm Molchanovs Custom-made Performance Wetsuit.

The total dive time was 2:40 minutes, and the water was murky green with a visibility of 3-4m and ice cold at 0 degree Celsius. The record was officially registered by a judge from the International Association for the Development of Apnea (AIDA). With this freedive under ice Alexey Molchanov has also set a new Guiness World Record!

Check out the the highlights from the dive and the news article here!

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