We are celebrating Vertical Blue 2022, the most prestigious private depth competition that has just ended, with a special sale with ALL LEVELS of freedivers in mind! Whether you want to become a pro or explore recreational freediving, you’ll need the right gear and knowledge. So get ready and start training, because who knows? Maybe we’ll be seeing you in next year’s comp season!

From August 12-26, receive 25% OFF of the following:

For Freedivers

Base Training Induction Online

If you are not part of the Molchanovs Movement and want to receive access to freediving training programs suitable for your level, sign up for a Base Training Induction Online (BTIO) today! This is a 30-minute call with a Molchanovs team member who will be able to guide you through our dashboard platform and the programs available for you. Some of our star programs are Frenzel Fundamentals with Adam Stern and Dynamic Bifin Training by Thibault Guignés. After receiving access to our platform, you become part of the Molchanovs Movement, which comes with a 20% discount on ALL Base Training + programs such as the STAtic Challenge with Flo Dagoury (normal price - 50USD; Movement price - 40USD) and Intermediate Freediving Preparation by Matthieu Duvault (normal price - 100USD; Movement price - 80USD). And coming soon, as part of BT+ , a special breath-focused program by Alexey Molchanov!

Normal Price: 100USD
Sign up now: 75USD

Intermediate Freediving Preparation by Matthieu Duvault

The new Canadian National Record holder, Matthieu Duvault, has over seven years of experience teaching freediving and created the best program to prepare you for your upcoming course. You shouldn’t stress about requirements and struggling through your dives during your Wave 2* course. Sign up today and complete this 4-week program, which focuses on dry technique, equalization, mobility, CO₂ training, and breathing techniques. Your freediving skills will be tip-top to conquer your next adventure into freediving.

*or equivalent from other agency

Normal price: $100

Non-Movement Members: 75USD

Purchase Now  

Movement Members: 60USD

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For Instructors

Save 25USD on your Membership Renewal! Activate your membership today to receive all the benefits that Molchanovs Freediving Education has for you: 15% discount on gear, 20% discount on Base Training + programs, access to the best Instructor Trainers, and being part of the most up-to-date freediving education system and the largest community of freedivers! Remember you must present a valid EFR and Liability Insurance to activate your status.

Instructor Membership: 100USD
Activate today: 75USD
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