Molchanovs Competition Bifins 2: Freediving Fins Designed for Efficiency

Molchanovs Competition Bifins 2: Freediving Fins Designed for Efficiency

The Molchanovs CB2 freediving fins are a unique combination of our comfortable handbuilt open heel foot pockets paired with the highest quality carbon fiber fin blades for the first time available in standard sizes or custom sizes to fit your feet perfectly. The Molchanovs CB2 freediving fins comes with our new M-Stripe design in a variety of colors. Get one of our popular recommended standard configuration on color, flex and blade size or create your own configuration.

Premium Carbon Blades

For the production of our carbon fiber fin blades we use the highest quality materials that are available on the market. A high quality carbon can be recognized by its dense composition that allows it to be soft and flexible yet strong. Adding highest quality resin holding the carbon together, our masters create the most efficient blades for freediving fins on the market. Each blade created by hand in an accurate and time-consuming process in our own factory since more than 15 years.

The fin blades are designed and tuned by world record holder Alexey Molchanov himself, to decrease energy consumption on the kicks while moving with the same speed. The secret to enhance your freediving performance is through minimizing your energy consumption on a dive while maintaining or even decreasing your speed.

The fin blade is shaped to move just the right amount of water for an effortless kick and create minimal water resistance. This is achieved by narrowing the blade towards the foot pocket in a bottleneck shape so it moves less water where it is not bending much creating less water resistance. This shape allows the blade to transition quickly and efficiently between the stokes.

The layering of the blade is fine-tuned for effortless kicking. It became more equable. This compensates the the softness of the bottleneck shape blades beginning. The layering of the fins is optimized for most efficiency and effortless kicking in the water with symmetrical kicks and a small to medium amplitude. The reason being applying a small to medium amplitude creates less drag in the water as opposed to a large amplitude.

The Molchanovs Handbuilt Foot Pockets

Our foot pockets are unique in the market and engineered by Alexey Molchanov to provide you the highest comfort and the best performance. Handbuilt in our own factory for more than 15 years with the highest quality materials.

The curved shape of the foot pockets and the built-in arch support keep your feet in a streamlined position ready for the kick while minimizing the drag. They allow your feet to create an immediate response in the freediving fin once the movement begins. The arch support also decreases fatigue in your feet that is normally arising from flattening our feet. The new generation of handbuilt foot pockets provides more comfort for your feet than ever before due to the comfort lining and more space for your toes inside the foot pockets. The new design is highly UV-resistant and will stay bright and shiny.

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