New Molchanovs Movement Challenge - CO2 Jacks!

New Molchanovs Movement Challenge - CO2 Jacks!

Our new Molchanovs Challenge is here!

With our individual and relay Molchanovs Apnea Squat Challenge we tested our hypoxic tolerance and with our new Molchanovs Challenge we're going to test our CO2 tolerance. This challenge is called: CO2 JACKS!

Start with a set of 5 apnea Jumping Jacks, followed by one breath (exhale/inhale) and then 6 apnea Jumping Jacks, adding one repetition to every new set. Remember you must wear a nose clip or equivalent and film yourself from a front angle. Your arms should perform a full range of motion (from your sides to a clap above your head) and your legs jump open with every rep.

Your score will be the number of reps from your last round. For example, if you complete a round of 8 Jumping Jacks, then your score would be 8. If you complete 12 rounds and 4 reps of the following round, then your score would be: 12/4. Remember to tag us @molchanovschallenge and the #molchanovschallenge and #molchanovsmovement.

We look forward to seeing your submissions! Watch the video here for the full rules! Once you have submitted your performance, you can check out the leaderboards here to see where you stand.




Blue: 15
Red: 18
Gold: 21

If you have a medical condition that might be affected by apnea exercises, please refrain from participating in this challenge.

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