29th AIDA World Championship

On August 17th, the AIDA Depth World Championship begins on the island of Roatán, Honduras. It is the 29th world championship event AIDA has arranged in its 30 years of existence if we count depth, pool, and team competitions.
In most kinds of sports (except football and motorsports), world championship events are the second biggest worldwide competition after the Olympic Games. Freediving isn't an Olympic sport, so world championships are the highest level of competition for freedivers.

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Vertical Blue 2022

Hello Freedivers!

Today we are starting the countdown for the biggest freediving marathon of 2022 starting August 1st, which will include two competitions: Vertical Blue 2022 and the 29th AIDA World Championship.
The Molchanovs team will cover both events. On our social media (IG and FB), our marketing manager Amanda Tran will provide a brief recap of the day’s events, interesting facts about athletes, and quizzes for freediving history lovers in IG and FB Stories. Kristina Zvaritch and I, Asya Kleshchevnikova, will be announcing the most anticipated performances and detailed analyses of each competition day’s events on Facebook posts and molchanovs.com. 

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28th AIDA World Championship
Hello, freedivers! It’s Asja Kleshchevnikova and Kristina Zvaritch again, and we will continue reporting to you on the freediving marathon. The CMAS Freediving Indoor World Championship concluded on June 15th, and on June 20th, the first competition day of the 28th AIDA World Championship begins. Most of the strong athletes moved from the pool in Belgrade to the pool in Burgas, this time to compete according to AIDA rules.
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CMAS Freediving Indoor World Championship 2022
Hello freedivers and those who dream of becoming one! My name is Asya, as some of you may already know from the sports reports on molchanovs.com last year covering the CMAS Freediving Indoor and Outdoor Championships, Vertical Blue, and other remarkable freediving competitions. This year, on behalf of the Molchanovs International team, editor Kristina Zvaritch and I are cooperating with CMAS to report on the 2022 CMAS Freediving Indoor World Championship on CMAS social media.
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