The AIDA Mabini Depth Competition Concludes

The AIDA Mabini Depth Competition Concludes

The AIDA Mabini Depth Competition Concludes

Asya Kleschevnikova, Head of Sales & Customer Service

Mabini, Batangas, Philippines, 17 March 2024—The AIDA Mabini Depth Competition, held on March 15 - 17, has reached a successful conclusion, and a Continental Record attempt at an upcoming pool competition is promised.

While Allan Vitor Jr., the competition organizer, has only begun arranging competitions in this area since January 2023, the recently concluded AIDA Mabini Depth Competition is already his fifth organized event. Each competition has seen participation from 10 to 15 Filipino athletes. Mabini is ideal as the hub of freedivers in Luzon, with the depth competition location conveniently located a 2 - 3 hour drive from Manila airport. Depths exceed 100m (328ft) after an 8 - 10 minute swim or a short 1 - 2 minute boat ride, and Vitor Jr. plans on installing a platform for future athletes.


In this edition of the depth competition, the current National Record Holder in CNF of 58m (190ft), Dean Earvin Sevilleno (PHL), hoped to improve his record to 59m (194ft); however, he blacked out at depth. The previous CNF Philippine National Record Holder, Jose Cedeño Jose (PHL), was also present at the competition, but seemingly decided to play it safe after Dean’s blackout by announcing a 45m (148ft) CNF dive, which was 12m (39ft) shallower than his official personal best.

After three intense days, Jose Cedeño Jose emerged victorious with the following performances:

FIM - 73m (240ft)
CWT - 60m (197ft)
CNF - 45m (148ft)

To see the full results list, check AIDA’s Event Results page on the competition.

Vitor personally finances the team to create these events and sees these competitions as investments. “The feeling of fulfillment from witnessing the growth of the freediving community in our area is wonderful,” Vitor told us. His goal is to promote a safe diving environment for all divers by expanding each competition’s reach and establishing connections with various organizations. His competitions have already attracted the attention of larger organizations and local governments, some of whom are interested in participating in upcoming events.

Vitor has also organized the upcoming AIDA Mabini Pool Series - II set for April 20 - 21 at the Lawom Pool Center. This event promises to be an exciting one for Filipinos as Paolo Robles (PHL) will attempt to break the DNF Continental Record. While he is already the current DNF National Record Holder for the Philippines with a 169m (554ft) performance from the AIDA Mabini Pool Series this past January, he will now aim for a staggering 190m (623ft).

To get more updates on upcoming competitions in Mabini, follow Lawom Pool Center.

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