The SPORT Wetsuit 2.5mm Double-Lined is designed specifically for freedivers who train in cooler waters and are in need of a long-lasting wetsuit. Whether you are a recreational freediver, instructor, or someone who frequently trains in water cooler than 28°C (81°F), durability and easy wear are this wetsuit’s top priorities.

A fabric interior and exterior make this wetsuit more resilient, while reinforced seams protect against fraying at the wrist, ankle, and face cuffs. This wetsuit is ideal as a rental wetsuit for freediving schools.

Easy to wear
A fabric interior makes it easier to slip into the wetsuit on dry land without the need for lubricant.

This wetsuit is the classic choice for freediving, yet it can also be used for scuba diving, surfing, wakeboarding, and more.

Recommended temperatures for freediving and other water sports differ due to the level of activity. If you do not tolerate cold easily or are spending an extended amount of time in the water, refer to the warmer temperatures in the ranges below.

Freediving: 25 - 28°C (77 - 82°F)
Other water activities: 23 - 28°C (73 - 82°F)

Wetsuit tops and pants can be purchased in separate sizes.