• Materials: Premium 100% UHC fiberglass blades
  • Handcrafted from start to finish
  • Hand-layered for superb response and feel
  • Heavy-duty, wear-resistant, UV-resistant foot pockets
  • Custom open-heel foot pockets for flexibility
  • Updated Comfort Lining with a soft micropore interior for maximized comfort
  • Increased toe space in the foot pockets for added relief


  • Blade Angle: 27°
  • Blade Length:
    • Size 1 blade: 46cm (18.1in)
    • Size 2 blade: 48cm (18.9in)
  • Blade Width:
    • Size 1 blade: 68cm (26.8in)
    • Size 2 blade: 70cm (27.6in)
  • Weight: 2.5 kg (5.5lb)


Our monofin blade stiffnesses are based on three ranges of stiffness (soft, medium, and hard) and two blade sizes (1 and 2). Size 1 blades are slightly narrower, shorter, and softer than size 2 blades, although the difference is quite small (2cm/0.8in of length and width). For example, a Blade Stiffness Soft 1 is a Soft flex blade of size 1 and is slightly narrower, shorter and softer than a Blade Stiffness Soft 2.

Both blade sizes 1 and 2 are appropriate for men and women. If you are on the smaller and on the lighter side, or prefer a more agile monofin, a size 1 blade is for you. If you are on the taller or on the heavier side, or prefer a more powerful monofin, go with a size 2 blade.


Standard Size Foot Pockets
EU Size Length / Circumference (cm)
35 22/21
36 23/22
37 24/22
38 24/23
39 25/23
40 25.5/23.5
41 26/24
42 27/24
43 28/25
44 29/26
45 29.5/28.5
How to Measure Custom Foot Pockets
Videos for custom foot pocket measuring

Desired Fit Guide
The desired fit determines the tightness of the foot pockets. Three options are available:

Comfort: Ideal for recreational dives and long training sessions. If you intend to put them on for long periods of time, choose this option. Comfortable for about 2 hours of wear.

Normal: Medium tightness, ideal for focused training sessions and competitions. Comfortable for about 1 hour of wear.

Sport: Tightest fit available that maximizes power transfer, especially for competition dives. Suitable for about 30 minutes of wear.


All equipment should be rinsed in fresh water and placed out of direct sunlight and heat. Do not place heavy objects on top of the monofin. For more information, please see how to care for your freediving bifins and monofin and how to travel with them. Comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Please note: Our masters individually craft our monofin blades by hand. In order to make the shallowest cut possible to avoid damaging the integrity of the blade, the hand-layering process may introduce small imperfections along the edges of the layers. These imperfections do not affect your performance — they are a sign that your blade will be both durable and of the highest quality.


Our fins are produced by hand with the premium materials by qualified craftsmen. Due to this, the production time for special orders takes approximately 5-6 weeks depending on the volume of orders. Standard configurations may be ready for shipping as you order depending on availability.