Description SPORT Wetsuit Inside-Lined

The SPORT Wetsuit 1.5mm Inside-Lined is designed specifically for freedivers who need a wetsuit for warm waters and want to look sleek in glide skin. Ideal for freedivers of all levels who want hydrodynamic glide paired with the ease of putting on a wetsuit on dry land. Optimal for water 26°C (79°F) or warmer.

Glide skin wetsuits are sleek and look professional, making them optimal for above water and underwater photos/videos.

Value for Money
An economical neoprene alternative to PRO wetsuits for training sessions while still keeping the same glorious glide in water.

Glide skin keeps you protected from chilly winds during your training sessions since the wetsuit’s surface doesn’t absorb water and evaporate at the surface.

A fabric interior makes this wetsuit more flexible than our double-lined wetsuits. Paired with our raglan-cut sleeves, you get the freedom you need for the arrow position, free immersion, and no fins.

Ease of wear
Fabric lining inside the wetsuit means you can just slip into your wetsuit on dry land and go - no need for lubrication in the shower.

Wetsuit tops and pants can be purchased in separate sizes.