DESCRIPTION PRO Hyper Bifins Fiberglass

The PRO Hyper Bifins Fiberglass are our most customizable bifins ever with the addition of our ‘hyper’ monofin foot pockets, named after Andronov’s hyperboloid for the monofin-specific construction created in the 2000s by Evgeniy Andronov. Personalize your blade and accent color, blade size, blade stiffness, and choose between standard-sized or customized foot pocket size, fit, and angle.

These ‘hyper’ foot pockets are the foot pockets we use on our monofins. They contain the same comfortable micropore lining inside and optional arch support as our lighter bifins foot pockets. Differences include an additional amount of rubber to build this new form and a 30° angle attachment to the blade to help you perform a stronger back kick. Additionally, the foot pockets have more of a ‘spring-like’ effect due to the additional volume of rubber and optimized stiffness of fiberglass inserts in the foot pockets. These features give you more distance with each kick and a better transition of energy from the feet to the blade.

The PRO Hyper Bifins Fiberglass feature a durable fiberglass blade that is in the top-performance range for both fiberglass and carbon blades overall. Slight adjustments have been made to the blade layers and shape to support this new foot pocket type. The soft and medium stiffness options are ideal for freedivers who use an ankle-driven technique that focuses on an efficient front and back kick. Available in 6 bold accent colors.

For a full guide on each customization option and to understand what is right for you, see the ‘Size and Customization Guide’ section below.

For freedivers who desire high-performance bifins with foot pockets that are lighter and have less volume, we recommend the lightweight Competition Bifins 2x Carbon (CB2x Carbon).