Description lead weights

Invest in both comfort and performance with our freediving-specific lead weights. The anatomical design gives an ergonomic fit that keeps you streamlined in the water. Certified coating protects your wetsuit and other gear from damage, and is gentler on our ocean and pools.

Put on weight with joy and improve streamlining with our ergonomically-designed premium Lead Weights. Feel the added comfort of diving with slimmer, anatomically-curved weights that prevent sagging on the belt. Dive guilt-free and protect the pools you train in and your other gear with certified medical grade plastic coating. Choose from 0.5kg (1.1lb) and 1kg (2.2lb) weights in black, blue, or gold and pair them with the SPORT Weight Belt to change your look, and more importantly, change the way you dive. Limit to 3kg (6.6lb) of Lead Weights per single order.